You've found my website. I assume it's to spy on me. Or maybe you're just bored. Those are the only reasons really to be on the internet. Unless you want to shop...but there's nothing to buy at my site. So hopefully this site will entertain you, or help you to learn all about the fabulousness that is me.

My name is Alyssa Mroczek (formerly Hockenson - it's actually my second middle name now). I won my awesome Polish last name on August 9, 2003. I could joke and say it's a consolation prize, but I am very happily married to my husband Austin. So I guess I'll say that my last name is more of an unfortunate side-effect of marriage. For the record, Mroczek is pronounced "Mro (sounds like 'pro') - check." See, it's not so hard. I finally learned it myself last week.

We live in San Marcos, California, where we happily pay the "Sunshine Tax." Not an official tax, really, but it IS reflected in our mortgage payments. Trust me, you don't want to know...

We were joined in 2010 by our lovely daughter, Melanie. She is our little monkey: tons of fun and our favorite tiny human!